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Musing Review: Game Of Thrones – A Man Without Honor (S2, Ep7)

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This is a review of Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 entitled A Man Without Honor.

I just can’t stop loving this show.  Week after week it gets better and better.  I’ve even been watching these episodes twice and they’re not even getting boring.  Needless to say “A Man Without Honor” was another great continuation of the story.  When they stick to the book it’s almost perfect and when they adapt it feels just like it was written in the books.  I’m going to try a new format for this review.  I’m going to give the briefest recap I  can write followed by some musings on the episodes.


Theon awoke to find Bran and Rickon (and Hodor and Osha the Wildling) missing.  He goes out on a search party looking for them with Maester Luemon.  Bran and Rickon had a big head start but Theon finally caught onto their scent at a farmhouse outside Winterfell.  At the end of the episode Theon told the Winterfell villagers that they’d been caught and put up some charred remains.

In Harrenhal Lord Tywin is searching for the person who assassinated his knight because he though it was an attempt on his life.  (Little does he know.)  He ends up having quite the interchange with Arya over history of the Seven Kingdoms and he learns a little bit more about her.

King Robb is about to head off to the Crag (a location in the west) to accept their surrender in the war.  He is told by Lady Talisa that she is low on supplies and she asks for more.  Robb tells her to come with him and much to the chagrin of his camp she goes with him.

Sansa has her first flowering (period) and freaks out because now she can actually have Joffrey’s babies (eww).  Shae tries to help her hide it but she’s caught by the Hound. Cersei gives some motherly advice about her flowing and what is means to be a mother.  She also gives some choice advice as to what kind of husband Joffrey will be.

Jamie Lannister meets a distant Lannister cousin of his when they were put in a cell together.  Jamie seized on the the moment to execute an escape plan.  He killed his cousin in cold blood and then used the opportunity to kill the guard (a son of Lord Karstark) and escape.  He was recaptured after not too long and brought back to the Stark camp.  Lord Karstark called for his head and Lady Stark had to intervene.  She knew if they killed Jamie she’d never get her daughters back.  She was able to get him back into a cell much to the displeasure of Lord Karstark.  At the end of the episode she talks to a more securely tied up Jamie alone in the cell.

North of the wall Jon is travelling alone with Ygritte looking for his black brothers.  The topic of discussion is sex.  Jon’s never had it and Ygritte is a fiery temptress.  They talk about it long and hard (pun intended). Unfortunately for Jon that becomes a distraction she escapes.  She found her Wildling brethren and they caught Jon right in the middle of the frozen north.

Across the Narrow Sea Danaerys learns who has her dragons.  It’s Pyat Pree and he’s put them into the House of the Undying.  He made a deal with Xaro to make him King of Qarth.  Pyat killed the rest of the Thirteen and needs Danaerys to go and get her dragons.

The last thing we learned is that Stannis’ fleet in only five days away from King’s Landing. It looks like the battle is imminent.


So the Lannisters are certainly not the heroes of the stories though they’re certainly protagonists in many respects.  We’re made out to hate them (or at least dislike them) at this point in the story.  I’ll tell you right now that I love four of them right now and in their own ways.

Lord Tywin is not actually a main character in book two though I’m glad they’ve adapted the story to suit his character and the actor that plays him (Charles Dance).  He’s become much more human. This episode’s bonding with Arya was great.  I loved the way he played somewhat of a father figure to her.  He likes her, though I don’t think he knows that she hates him.  He’s giving her a pass because he does know that she’s hiding something. He brilliantly portrays that when he says “you’re too smart for your own good.”  I’m sure the story to come will have more of him.

Cersei can be quite the “B” sometimes, well very often.  She’s incestual, a liar, and complicit in attempted murder amongst her other nasty character traits. In this episode I loved her because she was such a real mother in multiple ways.  First with Sansa and telling her about flowering.  It wasn’t just that advice that turned the way I felt about her, it was the advice about Joffrey.  It was played like she almost didn’t want Sansa to marry Joffrey because she knows how cruel her son is.  It was all said with such angst that I was practically on the edge of my seat.  There was also the very real interchange with Tyrion on her bedchamber.  For the first time we hear her talk about how disappointed she is in Joffrey. She thinks she sinned and that Joffrey is her punishment for her wrong incest.  She just gets this all off her chest in a sweet exchange with the imp brother that she hates.  It was nice to see her vulnerable.

I’ve already told you how much I love Tyrion and his portrayal by Peter Dinklage so I’m not going to go into that too much. Suffice it to say I still love him.  So the last Lannister is Jamie, the Kingslayer.  He’s someone we’re meant to hate.  He threw Bran out of a window!  He fought with Ned Stark!  He’s supposed to suck.  I’ll tell you now that he doesn’t suck.  He becomes my favorite character in book three and they producers / writers are bringing that flavor forward.  He’s so complex and it was beautifully portrayed in his dialogue with Catelyn.  Once you get into his head you start to really understand how hard his life is.  He’s not just the Kingslayer, he’s a much deeper man.  I can’t wait to see how they explore more facets of Jamie.

Lots of things happened this week and so much more is about to happen in the last three episodes of the season.  Watch at 9:00PM on HBO on Sunday’s and catch up On Demand or on HBO Go if you’ve got it.

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